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Why Biking is Popular?

Posted by Fitness Blogger on 8/23/2014 to Weight Loss
WHY BIKING Why is everyone on the biking kick? I see people everywhere biking or starting to bike. Seems like everyone I know is now buying a bike or upgrading their current bike. Is it really such a good work out? Having biked all my life, I have always had a love for it, so I can understand why people everywhere are starting to realize what I have known for years. 

 There are also different types of bikes. The most popular are the mountain bikes and road bikes. Mountain bikes are good for riding in trails and cross country dirt roads. Road bikes are good for speed and riding on paved roads. Bikes also range in price. Anywhere from $100 to $15,000 for a bike. There are bikes made of aluminum or carbon. Carbon being the lightest and better performing. Biking can be addictive and some people even take it to a whole other level. Some bikers join cycling groups, where they bike every morning. Those are the packs of bikers who go out at 7 in the morning. 

 You probably donít know they exist, because most people are sleeping at that time. Some cyclists even go as far as riding in tours that go as far as 100 miles on a single day. Some bikers go and compete in big competitions like the famed Tour de France. 

 Now you donít have to get that involved to become a cyclist. Let me show you. Here are some reasons for biking. 
1. Biking for an hour a day (10-12 miles) burns about 300 calories. 
2. It is known to boost energy. 
3. You can do it at any time during the day. Just takes about an hour or so. 
4. You can work out your calves, glutes and quads 
5. It is great for your heart

Happy Biking!
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