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Quick Workout

Posted by Fitness Blogger on 8/16/2014 to Weight Loss
Just a quick workout plan I have been using for years.  This is a complete upper body workout and will get you looking and feeling better in no time.  

This plan attacks specific muscles on specific days.  It is never a good idea to work out the same muscle on consecutive days.  Your muscles require rest after your workouts.  For this reason, we alternate exercises on different days.  We also do different exercises for each muscle, because it allows for your muscles to be surprised by the different exercises and for them to not get used to doing the same thing all the time.  

It has taken me years to develop this routine.  Long hours in the gym and the combination of different exercises using both dumbbells and straight bars.  

Today I will post the specific muscles that we will concentrate on and what days we should hit each muscle.  The following day I will post the specific exercises for each day.  

I hope you have the same feeling that I do when I hit the gym.  It gives me energy and boosts my self-confidence.  I feel like I can pick up anything and can wear any shirt I want.

Another good tip to have a friend go with you to be your workout partner.  Workout partners are good spotters when you are trying to get that last rep in.  They can help you in making sure that you are doing each exercise properly.  Also, they can push you to get to the gym, when you are not really feeling it. 

Follow this workout plan and you will start to feel the difference.  

Workout routine

Chest & Triceps

Back & Biceps


Chest & Triceps

Back & Biceps



Now tomorrow I will post a more detailed regimen to get started.   
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