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How to Identify Fake Slim Xtreme Gold

Posted by Administrator on 12/3/2013
The easiest way to identify a fax product is by looking at the label on the bottle. If the image looks dull and the gold seal does not have a gold tone to it. 

It may not be an authentic product. If you are buying Slim Xtreme Gold that comes in a box, you are most likely buying a fake product. These sellers use the box, so you will not notice the defects in the label of the product you are buying. 

 The other way of telling is the white star on the label with the word "New" should be a solid white. The fake product has a space between the star that is clearly visible. 

 If you are paying less than $9 a bottle, there is a chance you buying a fake product. You see fake sellers don't care how low they sell their product, they just want your money and good luck getting a refund. 

 We only sell authentic Slim Xtreme Gold on our site.
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