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Exercise in 15 Mins

Posted by Slim Xtreme Gold on 1/1/2014 to Weight Loss
So you want to lose weight but I'm not sure you have time to exercise. Exercising can take as little as 15 minutes  a day. Taking 15 minutes to walk around the block or do some jumping jacks helps get your blood flowing.

15 minutes of exercise also helps your circulation it helps increase blood your brain. You don't need to do all 15 minutes at one time you can do five in the morning, five for lunch, and five before bedtime. The goal is to do the 15 minutes everyday.

Below is an example of what you can do every day to get your 15 minutes of exercise.

Run in place for five minutes
jumping jacks for five minutes
walk up and down stairs for five minutes
stretch and touch your toes performance

As you can see there are many ways to get 15 minutes in of exercise every day. Using slim extreme gold and exercising is a great way to reach your weight loss goals.
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